Together, let’s make May 01 the Festival of LightArtisans.

Many groups of human beings are working for Unity and wish for Love, Consciousness and Peace on our Earth.

Under the guidance of enlightened masters or inspiring figures, prayers, meditations, traditions have emerged and speak of us human beings, different members united in one body. Each of these traditions reminds us of Oneness.

Imagine a day when all these people decide to act together, on the same day, at the same time, all around the planet!

You already visualize like me the power of this Light that we will be able to diffuse together to all our loved ones, our relationships and beyond to all beings.

You already feel the vibration of Love and Peace with which the Earth will be illuminated and how the heart of every human will be touched!

With the current communication tools in the material world, we now have the opportunity to make this great wish come true and to embody the spirit of Unity that drives us.

Let’s celebrate this day together and invite the participants of our groups for an event on this day, each in their own way with the awareness that we are all united!

Each group can organize themselves independently, propose their own event, while being linked in consciousness by the Spirit of this Lightworkers Day!

It may simply be a common message transmitted that day, it may be a physical or zoom encounter, a work done together… You are free to choose the form in which you wish to create this day.

The activities you propose will be posted on a common web page, such as a forum, and each participant will be able to discover the different aspects of our network of Light formed to support the current Evolution of Consciousness.

You can also offer activities the previous week and the next to co-create a whole festival around May 01!

We are a large earthly human organism with various ideas and one goal!

We invite you to make this project your own.

If you wish, you can get in touch with us to co-create together this great event for our Earth and our Humanity and to realize this common web page which will be a bridge between us!

Gratitude to you, messengers of Love, you can transmit this message to all groups and individuals of Light that you know, it is together that we achieve this transmutation!

With Unity in Love for Peace


Your sisters and brothers of Light