Saturday 31. of October

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It was at 10 am UTC

Opening Ceremony : ALL1 Union et Vague d’Amour et de Paix

– Presentation of our movements and this big wave of consciousness which will last 48 hours.
To co-create this big Wave of Union, Love and Peace, we propose you to join in consciousness during 10-30 minutes, each hour, from your heart, alone or with the speakers on Zoom or Youtube ALL1 Union

To start this wave, each part of the world will call for qualities and give it blessings : Africa, Europe, Asia, South, Center, Russia…

ALL1 Union is made up of a group of people from different traditions and different countries, we offer a meeting of consciousness, on day 01 of each month at the same time all over the planet, at 1pm GMT (3pm France)
Everyone is invited to share 11 minutes, in their own way, with their practice, in the awareness of being united with other living beings, connected by the heart for the Good for OUR Earth and OUR Humanity.
Since December 2019, we have been offering video-meetings by Zoom around this time in order to present the diversity of practices and traditions, united by the same goal.


Vague d’Amour et de Paix  (Wave of Love and Peace) is also a group of people from different traditions and from different countries.
Our proposal is to bring together a maximum of people of good will and lay, spiritual or religious movements, every Sunday between 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm (French time) to support the emergence of a more fraternal world that respects the living.
Since March 2020, we have been offering a virtual Zoom room to meditate together in silence from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.



It was at 11am UTC

Annick de Souzenelle

Tony James present a video of his teacher, Annick de Souzenelle – France
– Writer and theologian offers you a reflection on
« The backwash of the wave »

“There can be no true Joy or true Love if they do not arise from the depths of Being; as Roumi says « Love is without sorrow at the very heart of sorrow ».”


It was at 12pm UTC

Mar Lébou

Mar Lébou, taoist yoga teacher – Portugal
-He will present ancient Taoist practice of Inner Smile meditation, which is a simple, but very powerful tool that helps to enhance spiritual grows and well-being. When we radiate a genuine smile, it opens our heart energy center and stimulates warmth deep within us. When done consciously, smiling can be literally healing.

« Smiling is a universal language that extends compassion to others, without the need or use of words. It offers positive energy and speaks directly to the hearts of others. « 


It was at 1pm UTC


Helen GIBSON, meditation storyteller – Irland
– She will taking you on journey into the story. Ireland is a land filled with myths, legends and the home to fairies and wonder. Experience these whilst in a meditative state to explore the connected universal meanings of humanity through our shared stories

« I am a life in progress intentionally healing with love »


It was at 2pm UTC

Einat et Gaspard

Einat & Gaspard, Inner Peace Gatherings
– Propose us a meditation journey that invites you to explore your consciousness.
Since the beginning of lockdown they have been offering online meditations to support those who wish to learn the art of looking within and the exploration of consciousness.

« Self exploration allows you to connect to your inner peace and to the beauty that lies within. »


It was at 3pm UTC

Meeting with participants of the Wave and silence time together !


It was at 4pm UTC

Brother Benoît BILLOT, House of Tobie – France

-Reflexion and time of Consciousness and Silence

« Love, I receive it from Heaven, and I cultivate it to distribute its fruits. »
To unify one must identify one’s inner center »


It was at 5pm UTC

Julian Jurak 2

Julian Jurak, shaman – Peru
– Shaman in the south american tradition will share the 7 directions prayer

« Amazing time to be alive ! We are beings of Light ! »


It was at 6pm UTC

Le Ciel Foundation, charity based foundation – UK
-To ensure sustainable and responsible change, they create set up and support projects based on 3 main pillars : education, inclusion, preservation

« We are here to catalyse a rapid shift in paradigm, to evolve to a way of living and being based on spirituality, ecology and oneness »

Watch them inspiring movie for free:
The Twelve – a tale of Wisdom and Unity


It was at 7pm UTC

Jardin de Grande Compassion

Garden of Great Compassion, buddhist sangha – France
They invites you to pray for the Great Seal, according to the instructions of the Kagyu transmission, one of the ways of Awakening having its source in Buddha Shakyamuni subsequently broadcast in Tibet and today accessible everywhere in the world.
The Garden of ‘Great Compassion’ is a hermitage that offers meditation retreats to develop and deepen this path of inner Awakening.

« The Great Seal (Mahamudra) meditation is the essential meditation on the very nature of the mind.« 


It was at 8pm UTC

Swami Vishwananda

Bhakti Marga from Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda – Germany
– Will presents you the Kirtan and the importance of Mantra in hour present time….  A Life of Love, in Service to the World. Connect with the Divine Love.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda is an enlightened, God-realised Master. His mission on Earth is to ‘open the hearts of mankind’ :

« Those who attain that supreme reality, perceive the unity in all. One realises that one is with everything around. There is no separation. In this aspect there is no evil, there is no good. »


It was at 9pm UTC

Christine LANCIEN

Time of silence shared in live, introduced by Christine Lancien, Mandala Therapist – France
– The opportunity to connect deeply with our Heart together through our planet in the song of Silence!

Language : FRENCH / HEART

It was at 10pm UTC

Stephen Vasconcellos-Sharpe, Positive Impact – UK
– He will share on why it’s too late for Sustainability and why we need a Regenerative Economy.
Positive is a movement of changemaker businesses. Our uniqueness comes from our focus on systemic change and vision of a Regenerative economy.

“Sustainability is about doing less bad, Regeneration is about doing more good”


It was at 11pm UTC

Nelson Job, psychologist and transdisciplinarity researcher / Duda Souto Maior, journalist and aura reading, Transaberes – Brazil

– They will share with us the Vortex Meditation
The book « Vortex: Modulations on Dynamic Unity » is a work articulating philosophy, modern science, mysticism, art and politics, unified by the concept of the vortex. In turbulent times, like ours, « Vortex » offers a relation of knowledges in life – the transknowledges – allowing a better apprehension of the world we live in.

“Individual consciousness has limited vibrations. Meditation allows the vibrations to be increased in order to go beyond the individual vibrations, thus reaching cosmic Consciousness ”