Monday 02. of November

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Time of silence shared in live
– The opportunity to connect deeply with our Heart together through our planet !

Language : HEART

It was at 1am UTC

Mika Rin

Mika Rin – Japan
– Crystal Bowl player, she offers you a concert of Love

“Music is love, Love is Music. It fills the space and we all become one within. I do not play the Crystal Bowl, Love plays the Crystal Bowl”


It was at 2am UTC

Julio Molina

Julio Molina, shaman – Mexico

– Proposes you songs and prayers from the Red Road. It is a concept of the right path of life, as inspired by some of the beliefs found in a variety of Native American spiritual teachings with the idea of Unity in a big Human Family. They use sacred medecines like Temazcal (sweat lodge), Sun Dance, vocals and drums.

« Unificación, transparencia. Platica una sola semilla »


It was at 1pm UTC


ETW France, Amma Center – France
(recorded audio)

-Diffusion of Bhajans from the Plessis farm in France, Hindu devotional songs

Born in 1953 in Kerala, a state in southern India, Amma is today a humanitarian and spiritual figure of international stature.
From a young age, animated by an immense love for humanity, Amma comes to the aid of all the suffering people she meets. She brings them food, care and clothing and begins to hug them to console them. She offers Darshan (blessings) by embracing people. More than 36 million people have received this embrace of Unconditional Love.

« Light the lamp of Hope, Compassion and Unity together »



It was at 4am UTC


Time of Music and Love animated by Clo GARCIA and Daniel PEÑAfrom Mexico and Colombia.
– The opportunity to connect deeply with our Heart together through our planet !


It was at 5am UTC

The sisters of Grandchamp, ecumenical Christian community – Switzerland

-Monastic community which brings together sisters from different Churches and countries. His ecumenical vocation commits him to the path of reconciliation among Christians and in the human family, of respect for all created. They propose you to share a prayer for the Peace.

« Seek Her Face, let yourself be joined in solitude and silence, and unified by Her Love.« 


It was at 6am UTC

Lalok Cura

Lalok Cura, Man Circle organizer and Conchera player – Mexico

-He will share a traditional ceremony, with the Mess of San Rafael Arcángel guide by the leader Jefe Salvador Contreras, dedicated to the spirits of our loved ones, on a date of utmost importance for the Mexican people.

« The dance of Concheros is a Mexican tradition with more than 500 years of existence, which sees in song and dance the best way to thank and praise God. »


It was at 7am UTC

Armelle SIX carré

Armelle SIX, Teacher and spiritual Coach – France
-I offer you a moment of softness and reconnection with our Nature, a bath of Being. Through a guided meditation, I will invite you to meet what Is, as it is and to embrace this present with your whole Being. The shortest way to where we want to go is to recognize and accept where we are now.

« Let us consciously embrace all aspects of our humanity to create a future different from the past. »


It was at 8am UTC

Béatrice Boivineau, UK
– Tenshintaïdo Martial Art Teacher, shares a physical practice to unite us ! She gives courses in the Dojo Tenshintaïdo Kooki in London & online

« We are all one in Universal Love »


It was at 9am UTC

Bouddha NMRK

Nichiren Buddhist presentation – World

– The recitation of the NAM-MYOHO-RENGUÉ-KYO mantra is the main practice of Nichiren Buddhism. It helps to reveal the state of Buddha inherent in life, which manifests itself in the natural emergence of joy, vitality, courage, wisdom and compassion.

« The complete revolution of the character of one person can transform not only his own karma but the destiny of a nation, even of all mankind »
Daisaku Ikeida, president of SGI


It was at 10am UTC


Ceremony to send the Wave in our World with ALL1 Union & Vague d’Amour et de Paix

– Celebration to send this Wave of Union, Love and Peace to OUR Earth, each living beings, and OUR Humanity. Gratitude to the participants and final fest !
We will concretize again our Unity with musics of ALL the world!

Come to discover this amazing international concert !

« Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu !
Earth, Rain, Sun, Life »