Wave of Union, Love and Peace

From October 31 to November 2, ALL1 Union and  Vague d’Amour et de Paix , we have offered you a 48 hour day * to spread a great vibration of awareness of Unity, Love and Peace on our Planet.

Every hour, we sent a vibration of this awareness of your Heart, from different places in our common world. We got together for short events which were the occasion to concretize this Unity!
Wonderful speakers presented us with a meditation, a prayer or a time of silence, a tradition, a music or an action for the Good of OUR Earth and of OUR Humanity.

You can find all the videos here:

Many countries have been represented as well as several religious and spiritual traditions and non-traditional secular initiatives: France / Switzerland / Belgium / Germany / Brazil / Gabon / China / Japan / Russia / United Kingdom / Venezuela / Argentina / Peru…

Buddhist / Christian/ Muslim / Jewesh / Shamans / Camino Rojo / Bwiti / Vedisme /  Bwete / Bhakti Marga …

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People / associations who have already confirmed:

– BHAKTI MARGA of Paramahamsa Swami VISHWANANDA : Divine Love, Yoga and Meditations, diffusion of Hindu Bhajans live
– Community of GRANDCHAMP : Ecumenical songs and Christians
– The Sufi brotherhood ALAWIYA
– Philippe HADDAD: Rabbi, teacher, author, engaged in inter-religious dialogue. => Jewish prayer
– Grégory PUENTE, nima / shaman: the Bwiti Tradition, African tradition
– Eric GEOFFROY, Islamologist: Sufism and Peace
– Olivier CLERC : Writer, trainer and lecturer, creator of days of forgiveness and circles of forgiveness.
– Tomoko YOSHIDA: Martial Art Tenshintaïdo
– Olga SHURYGINA: singer artist
– Michel Maxime EGGER, Orthodox Christian: Presentation « work spiral that relieves » by Johanna MACY
– Annika SKATUM offers a Dervish dance
– Chris and Ariel TRACY, Kriya Lightning Foundation: Babaji Channeled Meditation teach Release Work and Heart’s Truth
– Brigitte SENECA: Art therapist, painter, teacher in painting and meditation.
– Urtema DOLPHIN: meditation and sacred sites
– ETW Association, Center AMMA France which will broadcast Hindu Bhajans live
– FISTON Nguema: African harpist and sculptor
– Ulrike WEISSENBACHER: IEPRA, European institute for vocational training in helping relations (
– Nelson JOB, Philosopher: Vortex meditation
– ECLOSION DU COEUR DE L’HUMANITE: Gayatri Mantra (every 1st Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
– INNER PEACE GATHERING: meditative trips
– Mickaël LACLE: relational facilitator
– AJC Positive Attitude: Traditional music and dance from Gabon
– Béatrice BOIVINEAU: Martial Art Tenshintaïdo
– Li-LUTNOWSKI: inspiration, prayer and shamanic music

* Why a 48 hour day?
Day 01 begins in the Kiribati Islands (Pacific Ocean) 13 hours before Europe where the day will be 24 hours and ends 11 hours later in the Samoa Islands 13 + 24 + 11 = 48 hours!
So that the whole planet can be swept away by this regular Wave of Union, Love and Peace, we propose to take into account the whole of day 01!