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Code of Ethics of ALL1 UNION

ALL1 UNION is a totaly free project.
It’s purpose is to unite the people of good will from all traditions.

ALL1 UNION is not coming from a particular tradition.
We can find this purpose of Union in all the traditions.

ALL1 UNION belongs to all the women and men of Good Will of the Earth, whatever their tradition or country.

ALL1 UNION is a creative commons.
It’s a living organism that belongs to everyone and to no one in perticular.
ALL1 UNION is neither association, nor an organization, nor a company, nor a society.
No legal or physical entity can claim ALL1 UNION.

ALL1 UNION is totally disconnect from the financial world.
Nobody can ask for money in the name of ALL1 Union.
Nobody can do a financial donation to ALL1 UNION.

You can do some donation to someone for a project around ALL1 UNION in your own responsability, with conscience.
This money will go to this individual but not to ALL1 UNION.
Take the time to know this person and his project before giving him your money.
We invite you to use a local money or a alternative money

If you want contribute you can make some publicity on newspapers, on internet or on TV.
Do it by in your own name or with people you trust.
You can also create others tools to share the information.
You can organize some free meeting in your town or make flyers or other means to share this informations… a lot of ideas are possibles, let your heart and your imagination open.

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Flyers to Download

Here you will find flyers and information in available in several languages to download and circulate to spread the word of the All 1 Union movement.