Union make Consciousness bloom ! Vidéo meeting ALL1, 01 of mai 2020

Gratitude to the nice souls who have participate. This month, people invite would propose you a practice, a book or a movie to help you to grow up in your Consciousness.

🌍 James Koenig from Switzerland in France
Co-organizer of the arrival of the Jai Jagat, Mondial walk for Humanity from Delhi in India to the ONU Genève : www.jaijagatgeneve.ch
Propose the documentary DEBOUT (« Standing ») made in 2019 by Stephane HASKELL. A very nice story of resilience through yoga and meditation.

🐚 Fiston Maixent Sylvain Nguema, from Gabon.
He is Harp player and Harp maker in Gabon : www.gabonboutique.com

🌹 Tomoko Yoshida from Japan
Teacher in Shintaido disciples of Master Aoki Hiroyuki (japanese martial art) : www.tenshinkai.jp
She is reading the inspiriting book : Becoming Supernatural from Dr. Joe Dispenza

✨ Appollon from Gabon with Arsène and Franck
They are from the Traditional Bwiti Missoko who is playing Mougongo. They will introduce you to the music of this tradition in the 2nd part of the video meeting
Youtube & Fb: AJC Positive Attitude

⚛ Océane Creusvaux from France
She is in the group of meditation Vague d’Amour et de Paix and invite you every day to meditate 15 minutes.
More info : www.vaguedamour.net
Invite you to read: « THE GENTLE ART OF BLESSING » from Pierre Pradervand.

🌿 Nat El Zéar from France in Spain
He has build a eco-place with raw and vegan food : www.floresdevida.com
website of wellbeing : https://www.etre-en-forme-vraiment.com
Invite people to have a look on the video from Thierry Casasnova

🎼 Olga Shurygina from Russia
she is artist and work for a art social project about Aral Sea and people common organism abilities : www.shurygina.com
Invite you to see the teaser : https://youtu.be/lIGTqcDHWek
She propose an inspiring movie http://fb.com/elabrazodelaserpiente

💗 Alexandre Stefanovic from Serbia, in France
First and 3rd. Sunday of each month, he organize a chanting of Gayatri Mantra from 9am to 1pm (France).
You can participate during the time that you want in Live on Fb : Eclosion du Coeur de l’Humanité
Inspiring book to work on inside violences : Calming the fearful mind by Thich Nhat Hahn

🐝 Nicollette Ramirez in New York, USA:
Animate The Beez and Honey Podcast 🌼🐝🍯 : https://anchor.fm/beezand
She propose you the 2 books from Yuval Noah Hariri : “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”

😊 Beatrice Boivineau from France, in United Kingdom
Teatcher of the japanese Martial Art : Tenshintaido Kooki
She help the Charity Base : Le Ciel Foundation
Recommended book : « The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse », from Charlie Mackesy
Free movie « THE TWELVES THE FILM» traduce in 8 langages: https://lecielfoundation.com/watch-the-twelve

👫 Maryse and Emmanuel Chalumeau from France
Support ALL1 Union project and wish that each people remember that we are in different rooms of the same housebook from Ken Follet : Fall of Giants.

🎲 Mickaël Vierzon Laclé from France
He has created a game to go deeper in the relations between peoples. If you want to play with him : www.laclemickael.fr
Vidéo in french : l’Homme n’est pas unique

🍎 Alex Fraysse from London, UK
Nutritionist, he propose the book: The way of superior man by David Deida

Hélène Claite from Tours, France
she is masseuse and invite you to reconnect with your body

🙏 Oseias Castro from Brazil
Yoga teatcher in Picinguaba : Yoga Picinguaba
Invite you to chant the mantra : Gate gate parasamgate boddhisvaha

🐾 Miroslava Hikario from Bulgaria, in France
Welcome to our page Conscience Alternative the 1st Saturday of every month for a collective connection to inner peace and peace in the world.

🍄 Raul Rivera from Mexico
He is working with sacred plants to help humans to reconnect to Themselves

🌞 Michael Andrew O’Boyle from Ireland, living in France
He practices and teachs the Yoga of Yogiraj : http://siddhanath.fr
full moon meditation video
connect with the Sun : sunyoga.info

🎨 Alvaro Troya from Ecuador, living in Germany
He is practicing Atma Kriya Yoga from Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda : www.bhaktimarga.org

🍀 Federico Frances from Argentina
He is shaman and work with sacred plants.
Propose you the books about Psychologic by Alessandro Jodorowsky

🌜 Einat et Gaspard from France
They offer a daily gathering, to learn tools to quiet the mind, and share a peaceful moment together.
The meditation takes place everyday at 18:30 (CET), France Time zone.
Suscribe on : eepurl.com/g0m17P
Fb : Inner Peace Gathering

😻 Claude Werner et Françoise Cattin Werner from France
Support ALL1 Union project: book : Sa Majesté des Chats from Bernard Werber

🌻Loïc Chal Ummo from France, traveler and sicker of Truth. Propose that the day 01 of each month become the day of OUR Earth and OUR Humanity

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