Sunday 01. of November
– Afternoon –

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It was at 12pm

Florence Tibout

Florence Tibout, practitioner Shiatsu & Do-In – France
– Together we’ll do some movements to anchor, center ourself, to feel “at home” in our body. By doing so, make ourself available to what the Universe want to offer us and to transmit around us those qualities – of serenity, love, unity, joy… .

“Let’s consider our body as a friend, a temple. A very special place from where we can incarnate and spread Love, Light, Peace.”


It was at 1pm

AJC Positive Attitude 2

ALL1 Union Time.
– Each day 01, we meet together at the same moment around the World, to connect for 11 minutes, each one with his own practice.
Oseias Castro and Loïc Chal Ummo invite you for a guided meditation for OUR Earth and OUR Humanity.

« Physically, we are all already united on the same Earth by the force of gravity and we breathe in the same atmosphere. Let us concretize it in conscience « 

To celebrate this time, AJC Positive Attitude from Gabon, Africa, will present special dance and song of the Bwete Missoko Tradition!


It was at 2pm

Eric Geoffroy

Eric Geoffroy, islamologist – France
– He offers you an exchange on : « Sufism and Peace »

A specialist in Sufism, he is president of the Conscience Soufie association and works on issues of spirituality in the contemporary world (globalization, ecology, the feminine …)
He is a member of several international research groups, and adviser on Islam for various organizations

« The reappropriation by Muslims of full Islam which is, perhaps, already in effect – cannot occur without a radical awareness: that of the combined action of Unity and multiplicity in Islam and, beyond, in all creation. « 


It was at 3pm


Aya Annika Skattum, the House of Peace – France
Offers you a dervish Dance. As a psycho-corporal therapist, art and dance-therapist and whirling dervish, she accompanies people individually and in groups.

Videos of her derviche danse :

« Around the Beloved One, we are whirling ! »
(FR : Autour de l’Aimé, nous tournons)


It was at 4pm

Thomas d'Ansembourg

Thomas d’Ansembourg, Author, psychotherapist, trainer in NonViolent Communication (NVC) – Belgium
– He will share with you about « How to release some self-locking thoughts and beliefs that block our personal and community growth »

« Being Genuine.
STOP to being nice, START being real!« 
(FR : « Cessez d’être gentil, soyez vrai »)


It was at 5pm

Olivier Clerc noir

Olivier Clerc, writer and speaker – France
He developed the Gift of Forgiveness and offers you the meditation « to relate to Greater than oneself »

« In these troubled times we are going through, it is more than ever necessary to relate to greater than ourselves. As a tree does not live without being connected to the Earth and the Sun, we are also called to deploy our roots and our branches, to take root in the environment that supports us and to draw very high the light that illuminates us and us. warms up. »


It was at 6pm

Wave of Love and Peace – France
– We suggest you to meditate/pray every Sunday, between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm, with a « peak of intensity » from 7:00 pm to 7:05 pm to support the emergence of a fraternal world that respects the living

Florence et Jean-Baptiste will guide you for 15 minutes of meditation with this awareness.

« Il est temps d’unir nos Lumières »


It was at 7pm UTC

Egger Michel Maxime_Réduit

Michel Maxime EGGER, ecotheologist and sociologist – France
Will present the spiral of Work that connects Joanna Macy, a formidable tool for individual and collective intertradition transformation, which I practice and use a lot in interior transition workshops.

« The destination is the unity between the cosmic, the human and the divine. Three dimensions that interpenetrate, dance with each other, and constitute the hidden foundation of reality. This unity is already there, but not yet accomplished.« 


It was at 8pm UTC


Barbara Swetina, longterm member of the Findhorn community in Scotland- Hawaï
– She will bring people together to sing with sacredsongs, dance, pray and celebrate the sacredness of life and to visualise a family of planetary humans united in love.
Especially in these days spiritual music has the power to connect us to our inner Joy and to a loving community of friends near and far.

« In my heart I see a singing planet, many people gathering in different places on the globe to sing, dance and pray together. »


It was at 9pm UTC

Philippe Haddad

Rabbi Philippe Haddad, – France
He offers you to discover Jewish prayers.
Rabbi since 1979. Liberal Judaism. Author of works presenting Judaism or interreligious dialogue.

« The material problem of my neighbor is my spiritual problem » (Rabbi Israel Salanter. 19th c.)


It was at 10pm UTC

Grégory Puente, Nima from the Bwiti Tradition in Gabon – in live from Brazil
& Fiston Nguema, harpist – Gabon
– the Nima is the priest/shaman of the Bwiti Tradition of Gabon. This practice accompanies the human being in the knowledge of Self and in all the problems of his life. Grégory offers you some special prayers and presentation of this ancestral tradition.

The Sacred Harp leads the ceremonies. Fiston is the most famous Harp maker in Libreville. He is also a a beautiful player who pray through his notes. You can find his works on Gabon Boutique


It was at 11pm UTC

Mickaël Laclé

Mickaël Laclé, relational facilitator – France
– Will share with you his method to clarify the relationship to have with each one.

I take the time to have an in-depth discussion with the people I know via a method that I had fun establishing with my 300 closest human relationships”