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Next meeting, day 01 of February - Just be the Life in the Life!

from your Heart or in video on Zoom or Youtube

As each month, we concretize our Unity in consciousness.
We are offering 11 minutes for our Earth and our Humanity.
At the same moment around our Planet, at 1pm UTC
(Universal Time, find your Timezone HERE)




A monthly meeting in conscience!
Physically, we are all already united on the same Earth
by the force of gravity and we breathe in the same atmosphere.
Let us realize in consciousness this unity,
at the same moment on the planet,

on the day 01 of each month, for 11 minutes,
each in its own way, with the same intention
« for the Good for our Earth and for our Humanity ».

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We are people of good will who live in different countries across our Earth. We start from the observation that each of us wishes for the highest good for our Earth and Humanity. Until now, we have conducted our practises at different times from each other. There is now the opportunity to have a global meeting with each other in conscience.

If you feel this call to unite our actions for the happiness of our Earth and Humanity, we propose that we join each other spiritually on the same day, at the same time. It’s a simple idea that lets everyone connect in their own way with the sole purpose of :

the Good of our Earth and our Humanity


The day 01 of each month, at 1pm UTC * (Universal World Time) and / or 1pm local time, let’s join in a conscious celebration / prayer / meditation / thinking for our Humanity and our Earth for at least 11 minutes.

– If possible, please join the global meditation at 1pm UTC* from your heart, where you are. Prepare yourself a few minutes before in order to be fully present and at ease. 
– To share with others participants, you are also invited to join a zoom meeting who begins 30 minutes before
– If you can not be on time, join the wave of the day 01 and take 1 minute to connect you with the worlwide conscious and continue your activity with conscious that you do it for the Good for our World.
– You can also take time to celebrate / pray / meditate / think at 1pm in your country.

This double meditation will have a global positive energy peak at 1pm UTC * (Universal World Time) as well as a wave of energy for the 24 hours of the day, so all day of the 1st will be filled with this energy World Union.

* UTC = Universal Time = find your time zone HERE


For a seed to grow well, it needs a suitable land; clean it, prepare the soil, bring water and the compost it needs. Time and regularity will bear good fruits. Many meditators or believers already do it independently.

Today, the goal is to reconnect Humanity, showing that the diversity of our practices flows in a common direction. People from all over the world know how to gather at the same time for a football match. We can do the same for the good for our Earth and our Humanity.

It takes effort to meet at a common time, so take the time to find your time zone, set your alarm clock, and connect with other people of goodwill who gather at the same time around the world.

For the next few years, until 2022, let us gather at least once a month to sow and then sprout the seeds of Love in the hearts of the people around us and the world.


Take the time to take some personal time away from everything if you are at work or busy.
=> If you can not, take at least a minute of silence to connect to our Earth.
Everyone practices in his own way, with his traditions: meditation, prayer, thought, silence, singing, mantra, dance, drawing, planting a tree, touching the earth …. alone or in a group.
At least for 11 minutes, focus positively on « Me, Us, Our Humanity and our Earth »
Imagine that you unite with other meditators through the heart, like a ray of light that comes from the sky, from the sun, through your heart and down your feet in to the earth.
Get ready a few minutes before to be fully present during the 11 minutes.

1- Send this message around you.
2- Participate in events every month
3- Show your participation on the map -> HERE !
4- Put a « Like » and indicate your country on the facebook ALL1 UNION page

Each month, we are more and more to join together at the same time. This will be done gradually until 2022, so plant the seed around you !

Let our vibration be more greater at the same time to gather for the Good for our Earth and our Humanity.
This will be done gradually until 2022, so plant the seeds around you !


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