Video-meeting with 24 countries, day 01 of December

« The matrice can also be used to create the Peace »

Day 01 of December was the first video-meeting ALL1 with 38 peoples from 26 countries of the world, together on the same screen.
In the same time, it was the first physical event with 32 peoples in Rumilly, Haute-Savoie, France.
Including the great-mother Marie : 90 years old
and the younger, Eve from Canada : 3 years

Thank you to each participants. It was a very nice moment of sharing to show that today, it’s possible to connect consciously together all over the world.

Gratitude to Mickaël Laclé who facilitate this great event ! He is taking care of the relations between peoples. => WEBSITE
Gratitude to each one of you !!!

-Australia : Mon Hutch therapist => SONG OF THE HEART

-Belgia : Ulrike Weissenbacher , formation Institut Européen de formations Professionnelles en Relation d’Aide => IEPRA

-Birmanie : Vlad Sokhin he is photographer from Russia, living in Thailand. He like to share the beauty and spirituality in his pictures => WEBSITE

-Brazil : Grégory Puente citizen human travelling in Brazil, he is Nima in the Bwiti Tradition from Gabon

-Brazil : Tomoko Yoshida from Japan and Wilson from Brazil, Tenshintaido Instructors, disciples of Master Aoki Hiroyuki (japanese martial art) => TENSHINKAI

-Canada : Patrice Louison and his young baby of 2 years, Eve. He is a singer and a massage therapist. => AMMASENS

-Central Africa Republic : Aime Cyrille, he take care of the young people in Central Africa and transmit good values of Non-Violence and Human Rights

-China : Renyan Liu he is studying Arts in France, he was meditating with his cat : Orphée

-Ecuador : Alvaro Troya living in Germany. He is a devotee of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

-France : Alexandre Stefanovic from Serbia and Miroslava Hikario from Bulgaria. They propose some meetings of consciousness : CONSCIENCE ALTERNATIVE and ECLOSION DU COEUR DE L’HUMANITE

-France : Benjamin Joyeux, coordinator in Geneva for the Arrival of a great walk from India to Suissia : JAI JAGAT 2020 a big walk for Justice and Peace

-France : James and Michèle Konig. She is therapist and Yoga Nidra teacher. James is implicated with : JAI JAGAT GENEVE

-France : Camille Lambert with his 2 nieces who are doing a Zéro-Waste way of Life. Camille is therapist with horses : Les Ecuries de SaintVictor

-France : Jean-Baptiste Nedelcu and Océane. They propose a meeting with love and peace : LA VAGUE D’AMOUR ET DE PAIX

-France : Nicolas Turban. In connection with galactic beings, creator of the EVEILHOMME website which aims to transmit « NEW FREQUENCIES » on very varied subjects. He also regularly organizes collective meditations for Gaia and the raising of consciousness.

-France : Swamini Sarvatirtha and 4 others peoples. In the Ashram Bakhti Marga in Frejus. Devotes of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda. Propose a big OM chanting the 12 of December. BHAKTI MARGA

-France : Nina Paavola and his daughter Faustine, she is Pilate teacher and she was an impulse for the ALL1UNION project. BLISS PILATE

-France : Loïc Chal Ummo he is Allist, he study several spiritual traditions. He impulse the ALL1 UNION project at the beginiing of this year.

-Gabon : Appollon is taking care of the young artists and have an action to open the young gabonese to the world. MozaikMediaGabon and AJC POSITIVE ATTITUDE :
With Matthieu Looga Beng, Stephane from the Bwete Tradition in Gabon and the singer Douthy Lion

-Germany : Amara Nimai Das, devotee of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda . Happy to invite you for the next JUST LOVE FESTIVAL 2020, one of the biggest spiritual festivals in Europe. Would be great to connect there with all of you.

-Germany : Udo Glaser and Sonja Glaser. They are fotografers in couple – ODENWALD-FOTOGRAFIE

-Guernsey : Simon Lovell propose a group of prayer : The Divine Love

-Holland : Vera is therapist and believe in Oneness.

-Israel : Sarrah Goldstein, make ecological style of Life by planting trees and gardens with « Earth Guardians Algonquin »

– Italy : Barbara Casasolas from Brasil who is clothes designer and Lawrence from Canada. WEBSITE

-Japan : MikaRin Tsuzumi, play the Cristal Bowl

-Roumania : Georgiana Crâmpiță living in Germany, work for Cosmos Magazin in Roumania

-Sitzerland : Joëlle Stoudmann propose to each one to realize the drawning of them own life truth painting. ART OF PRESENCE

-Thaïland : Caitlyn Cook is from South Africa. She is working on Minfull Sexuality . WEBSITE

-Ukraine : Galyna Dontsova propose the Sacred Body Architecture

– United Kingdom : Beatrice Boivineau teatcher of the japanese Martial Art : Tenshintaido Kooki

– United Kingdom : Lucy Martens from Germany,Maciej Sędłak from Poland, Sophie Monpeyssen from France, Sebastian Curtis and Peter Giblin from UK
They are in the Charity Base : LE CIEL FOUNDATION
They propose a free movie « THE TWELVES ELDERS » traduce in 8 langages

-United Kingdom : Stephen Vasconcellos is from Scotland. He is studying Spirituals traditions. He is a writer and participate also of Circles of Healings for Sacred Sites

-USA : Alexandre Czetwertynski and Christine Renée. She is DJ and in musical programming => WEBSITE. He is artist and expository Comissioner => WEBSITE

And Gratitude to all the participants in the Inter-Spiritual meeting in physical in Rumilly : Jeannine, Francoise, Martine, Karine, Flavien, Mélanie, Julia, Madeleine, Gaspard, Manuela, Camille, Céline, Savitri, Ingrid, Florian, Marie-Cécile, Maryse, Evelyne, Lucienne, Marie, Mamy from Madagascar, Monique from Ivory Cost, Marie-Louis from Cameroun, Father Jovin from Rwanda

Gratitude to Manuela and my parents who helps a lot to create the event : Maryse and Emmanuel and my oncle Philippe