Video-meeting, day 01 of March 2020

Gratitude to the nice souls who have participate at the Consciousness meeting ALL1 of day 01 of March.

Thanks to those who talked in the video-meeting :

  • James Koening from Switzerland in France
    prepare the arrival of the Jai Jagat, Mondial walk for Humanity from Delhi in India to the ONU Genève

  • Mon Hutch from Australia
    Therapist =>

  • Michael Andrew O’Boyle from Ireland, living in France
    He practices and teachs the Yoga of Yogiraj :
    and a fullmoon meditation

  • Tomoko Yoshida from Japan
    Tomoko Yoshida from Japan and Wilson from Brazil, teachers in Shintaido disciples of Master Aoki Hiroyuki (japanese martial art) =>

  • Alvaro Troya from Ecuador, living in Germany
    He is a devotee of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

  • Olga Shurygina from Russia
    she is artist and work for a art social project about Aral Sea and people common organism abilities

  • Oseias Castro from Brazil
    Yoga teatcher in Picinguaba
    => Yoga Picinguaba

  • Ulrike Weissenbacher from Belgium
    founder of IEPRA : Institut Européen de formations Professionnelles en Relation d’Aide
    Propose a creative project to help each one to be more compassionate with him/herself

  • Simon Lovell from Gernsey Island
    present a group of prayer : The Divine Love
    => Divine Love Sanctuary Guernsey Circle

  • Beatrice Boivineau from France, in United Kingdom
    teatcher of the japanese Martial Art : Tenshintaido Kooki
    She help the Charity Base : Le Ciel Foundation
    They propose a free movie « THE TWELVES THE FILM» traduce in 8 langages

  • Emmanuel Chalumeau and Maryse from France
    Support ALL1 Union Project and wish that each people remember that we are in different rooms of the same house

  • Eduarda Souto Maior from Brazil
    she propose different activities to accumpany entreprises with the harmony in business
    She practice also Aura Reading, a self knowledge technique to align chakras, stimulate the intuition and inner connection

  • Stephen Vasconcellos from Scotland, in United Kingdom
    He is studying the Bwiti Tradition from Gabon, Africa.
    He is a writer and participate also of Circles of Healings for Sacred Sites

  • Mickaël Vierzon Laclé from France
    He is create a game to go deeper in the relations between peoples. If you want to play with him

  • Loïc Chal Ummo no made on the planet Earth
    He is study the different spiritual traditions on Earth and make some link between people around the world.